I stand…

When eternity is at hand, where will you stand? on the precipice of new life or the dull angst of insecurity and trepidation? “I lead you in straight paths”, he said. Will you lean on Him and engage in the faith it takes to believe? I will stand. I will stand in firm places of peace and paths of His righteousness, for only by His righteousness may any one stand complete.


The Warrior Within

It always amazes me to see people rise up in the midst of chaos and fearful circumstances. It inspires and enflames my faith. I feel a fight in me. It is building. I can feel the rumbling undercurrent deep within me. He will use me in this hour. I will fight well.

In the night season is when our light must be brightest, shining out to all in doubt and in need of comfort. How will I be a comfort to a friend if I am wavering and tossed by every stormy wave? I must put in the real time and effort to force my enemy down, under my feet. I will not let him take what is not his. I will hold my ground and let my faith be a shield for those around me.

Where can one go to find such faith and strength? There is only one source I know. His name is Jesus. I rest upon His breast in the midst of battle. Though it rages about us, He sits me down to dine with Him in the middle of the battlefield. I feast and am filled and strengthened by His word. It is during these times of force, heat and friction that our metal is proven.

Stand sturdy. Stand and watch. Rest in His love. He will not desert us. After all, He gave Himself as a sacrifice in our place. We are free and no weapon of evil shall be able to overpower us.

We are not alone. Let’s stand in faith together and run to the Rock who is our salvation.

Water Terrarium

I’m kind of in love with this awesome water terrarium that sits on our balcony deck. My hubs found these two pieces separately about two years ago at different thrift stores on, get this, thesame day (love when that magic happens). We both have an affinity for anything hair pin and these legs fit this glass bowl to a T.

It’s been many things since we’ve had it: attempted-terrarium (something crazy happened with the chemistry there), fishbowl tank (but, man, did they die!) and mostly a dirt and algae incrusted, empty bowl that looked all kinds of skank. But, we cleaned it up and this time I think the plants will take!

Usually we pick up pond plants from a local who sets them out for free, but he hasn’t had any for the last few weeks so we caved and went to a nursery. For about $6 we…

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It only takes a coronation.  

pearl crown bride journals_editedAs I am sitting here with the door open enjoying the spring-like day, the birds are singing happily as they do just before sunset. A thought returned to me. Imagine a dream where I was wearing the ringlet crown of a very young princess, inexperienced and unprepared to reign.  Life seems to progress so slowly and yet speeds by with the ticking of each heartbeat.  How will I ever become the person I am destined to be in such a short span of time?  How will I become the Queen of my own existence and walk in the paths He has laid for me?  As I pondered these things, an answer broke forth plainly within me.  It only takes a coronation!  Life’s events can sweep us into our future in a breath. Just as the inner workings of a great clock are designed to precisely measure time, so is His plan for each of us.  The times and seasons and daily events are measured.  Our days are meted. He has orchestrated it so, and has finely tuned each of us to play our parts.  I am but one in a great symphony of life.  Each moment is practice for the great event that takes us from training to reigning.  It only takes a coronation!  Suddenly I am made a queen.

Controlling Crowds

As our Nation should be seen.


Lincoln MemorialOn my recent trip to Baltimore, I spent an afternoon at the National Mall in Washington, DC. It seemed to me, with cold weather and snow, as well as being on a Tuesday, there were very many people there. It may have been because the snow closed down the government, so a lot of people had the day off, and that it was sunny and not really that cold. Or it could be there is just always a lot of people there. It is a popular tourist attraction after all. Regardless, with all the people, it made it a challenge to photograph the monuments without a lot of people in my shots.

A great method to remove people from your shots is to use a really long exposure (typically several seconds to minutes). With a long exposure, people moving through the frame are not recorded. To get really long exposures…

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Put through the wringer* of Murphy’s law

…a faith trap.  The winding, grinding path that both tests and proves. Circumstances entirely beyond your control wrecking your emotions.  Then, joy bombs hit. The smiles and laughter of coworkers. The enduring love of family. A friend who has no clue that the home-cooked dinner she surprised you with was a gift from heaven.  Suddenly, though everything seems to have been against you for weeks, the dam breaks and cool refreshing streams carry you farther faster.  Aahhh. It’s Calgon, take me away!  The trap has become my path of expression and my way of escape.   I see me in His eyes and all is clear and complete, again, for now;)


*if you have never seen a wringer washer, look it up.


Black and White Challenge Day 4 – Constantine Bay

Cornwall Photographic

It’s day four of the five day black and white challenge that Sue J kindly invited me to take up.  I don’t usually get involved in these kinds of challenges but this one seemed very timely given I’ve been exploring black and white film.  My first two images, came from my film cameras and were planned black and white photographs.  Yesterday’s photo was a digital conversion from a colour photograph as is this picture.  The difference with this one is that with grey skies, ocean and rocks, the image was very monochromatic to start with, the conversion wasn’t a huge leap. This is a double, long, exposure, accentuating I think, the dynamic nature of wind and tide. The picture was taken on the beach at Constantine Bay here in Cornwall. Something a little different.  Click on the picture for a larger and sharper view, it does make a difference.. 🙂

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